How to control/reverse Diabetes?

How to Control/Reverse Diabetes?

The simplest tool to monitor glucose is Glucometer, which costs just Rs.1000. Each test costs some Rs. 10-15. So it is recommended that a diabetic patient must have one and uses it frequently to know his/her position on a day to day basis or whenever required. Day to day check is required till they are out of control, but once a good control is achieved checks can be the weekly or fortnightly basis.

Change in food habits, regular exercise and walk, weight reduction, Yoga and stress management are the mainstream of diabetic treatment. In the early stages, these can easily control/cure Diabetes. But if the disease has already advanced medical management can be added to immediately control diabetes. But if the Diet-exercise-walk-yoga-weight-stress combine is continued correctly and regularly medical drugs and insulin can be withdrawn/reduced.

Three simple blood tests are commonly done in Diabetes. Blood Glucose (fasting), Blood Glucose (pp or Post Prandial or 2 hours after food) and a three month’s average test of Glucose called Glycosylated Hemoglobin (also called A1C test). A fasting level of 80-100mg/dl, pp glucose 100-140mg/dl is considered non-diabetic level or indicates very good control of glucose in those who have diabetes. The A1C test gives us average control of glucose in the last 90 days(3 months) and considered good if it is below 6.5%. Readings above this indicate not so good control or bad control – depending on the value.

As diabetes does not give any problem to the patients the disease goes undetected for months and years. Almost half of the patients detect it during preventive check-ups of blood. Increased frequency of urination, non-healing of the wound, lethargy often lead the doctors to suggest glucose testing in some people which detect diabetes. In many cases, diabetes is detected when people get heart disease, eye problem or kidney damage and during a check-up, they find that they also have diabetes.