How to avoid Heart Attack?

Heart Attack (called Myocardial Infarction in Medical language) is the last stage of the disease called Coronary Heart Disease or Coronary Artery Disease or Ischemic Heart disease. Heart attack means 100% blockage of any of the Coronary tubes. This leads to the immediate death of the heart muscles supplied by the 100% blocked tube. Heart attacks occur suddenly – mostly without any warning. Chest pain, breathlessness, sweating, vomiting tendency – while the patient is standing, sitting or lying down is the hallmark of Heart Attacks. The affected muscles die because of no supply of blood to them. If the tube size is big – it may lead to the immediate death of the patient.

How a Heart Attack Happens?

The fatty deposits or blocks inside the coronary tubes remain covered with a membrane called Intima or Endothelium. But if the blocks keep on growing, one day this membrane bursts because of the increasing pressure. From the ruptured membrane, some clotting chemicals are released which clot the blood locally. This clot makes the tube 100% blocked. The heart muscles start dying and chest pain, choking, breathlessness, sweating starts.

Uncertainty about timing of Heart Attack

Heart attacks happen as the covering membrane above the block bursts. The strength of the membrane varies from person to person. Some people come with 90% blocks in all the three arteries and still, the membrane is intact. Many people suffer heart attacks even at 50% blockage as the membrane is weak. So, no one can predict the timing of the heart attack. In some cases, inflammation in the membrane can also lead to early rupture.
But the only thing that we can predict with certainty is that if the blocks do not grow the membrane will not burst. But still better will be that we reduce the block and loosen the membrane. This will assure almost all the heart attacks will be prevented.

Risk Factors of Heart attack

There have been many landmark research studies till now which relate some causes with the chance of heart attacks. These causes, if present, increase the possibility of heart attacks and are named as “Risk factors of Heart attacks” or simply “Risk factors”. Anything which helps in increasing the blockage is called a Risk factor. After hundreds of research studies – including the famous ones like Framingham Heart Study, MRFIT (Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Study), White Hall Study, North Karelia Study it was apparent that heart disease is caused by multiple causes or risk factors. It was thus suggested that controlling these risk factors can prevent heart attacks and stop the progress of heart blockages. Some of these risk factors are High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Low HDL, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, smoking/tobacco, psychological stress, lack of fibre and antioxidants in the food, obesity, and lack of exercise and so on.

Saaol’s theory about the prevention of Heart Attack

But the fact remains that most of these factors do not create the blockage but speed up the blocking process. But the actual deposits were fats. These fats are either supplied in the food or manufactured in high quantity in the body. Two of the fats that we can stop supply from outside are Cholesterol and Triglycerides. If they are manufactured in the liver and other organs in high quantity – medicines are available which can stop these manufacturing.
Saaol – Science and Art of Living – has a simple theory which has three steps.

First step is “Stop the supply of fats in the body (both Cholesterol and Triglycerides) and stop the manufacturing of these two fats in the body”. The first one needs change in the diet and the second one needs some allopathic medicines. Saaol does both of them.

The second step that Saaol adapts is controlling the most important causes of blockages (Risk factors) to the maximum. These factors are High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, Obesity, smoking/tobacco and stress. Saaol guides its patients to bring them to the best possible range. Saaol instructs its doctors to use medicines to control them whenever required.

Saaol’s third step is to guide/educate people to do all the positive things that they can do – walk 35 minutes daily, perform Yoga for 30 minutes daily, Increase Cholesterol HDL ratio and eat plenty of fruits/vegetables.
To make it easy for people to adhere to all the instructions and monitor them on a daily basis Saaol has created a unique diagram – called “Saaol Safety Circle”. This circle has been modified from its old design to make it more easy and simple. It has three colours and three major groups of parameters (Medical, Diet and Habits/behaviour). The red colour means you are doing badly to prevent heart attack. Yellow means better and Green means you are doing the best. Our study on 5000 people followed for 10 years titled “Saaol Heart Study” showed that 98% of heart patients can prevent heart attack. This study was published recently.