Saaol or “Science and Art of Living” a heart care program was developed at the famed All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Starting from a small clinic in Delhi in 1995, Saaol spread to each and every part of the country till 2020. More than ten thousand houseful public lectures, Thousands of invited lectures, more than 5000 training camps, the publication of 70 popular and best-selling books, 50 Heart talk magazines on different components of the program Saaol’s message has reached all over the country. Tens of Millions of followers are spreading the message of Saaol to their friends and relatives.
Diet is not the only thing that Saaol suggest for health and curing disease. It definitely wants you to do some simple yoga-based exercises for better health. A walking program will also be charted out for you. Managing stress and practicing meditation will also be added to your prescription. We can call this a lifestyle called Saaol lifestyle the diet being a major part of it.

Sitting on the helm of affairs of Saaol Dr. Chhajer was meeting thousands of heart patients over the years experience not available with the majority of heart specialists I got the real insight of the patient’s knowledge, practical difficulties and understanding abilities. The improvements in Dr. Chhajer’s patient’s heart conditions were remarkable. Most of them who had diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity also improved their conditions tremendously. The program would consist of a combination of Yoga, meditation, walking, education, stress control, medicines, and a complete dietary change.

When Dr. Chhajer started with the diet part of the treatment he found the present-day dieticians are much away from reality and are advising heart patients diets written in chart form. Neither the patient would know the scientific composition of the foods they will be eating nor will they know why they are useful. Also, they will not be able to count calories. Once the conditions improve they will not follow the chart and will almost invariably drift towards the same diet that led to the disease. The chart will contain only a few items which will develop monotony and thus cannot be continued for a long period.

The kind of diet that Dr. Chhajer recommends to the heart patients was also very important for those who are overweight, have diabetes, or suffer from hypertension. Dr. Chhajer calls this, Saaol diet. The most important part of this diet is the Zero Oil Diet that is not using any kind of oil in the preparation of food (cooking). We found that with this diet people start losing weight comfortably, get very good control of their diabetes and blood pressure, and also reverse their coronary heart disease. These diseases are so common these days that every adult would probably like to put efforts to prevent them. Since the diet is to be taken on an everyday basis by everyone there is no extra effort that people have to put to follow the diet Dr. Chhajer advice.

When Dr. Chhajer explained the diet to his patients in the last 25 years; trained them on how to cook the food without oil and make it equally tasty, he found that his patients adhered more to the diet than the exercise or meditation program. Once they got adjusted to this food it was very easy. In the meantime, Dr. Chhajer developed about 1000 recipes of the Saaol diet this made it very easy to follow as a great variety was developed which suited every tongue. More than one million people are probably following this diet in India and I thought many more people should know about the concept of this diet. Thus this Saaol diet spread all over the world not only because it is healthy but also as this will help millions of more people who want to prevent or cure heart disease and get rid of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.