How is Alcohol bad for the heart?

How is Alcohol bad for the heart?
While small amounts of alcohol do not harm and may even be beneficial both for cordial social interaction and relaxation, heavy alcohol consumption of more than two ounces of whiskey in a day or its equivalent of two glasses of beer or two glasses of wine is harmful not only for the liver and stomach but also for the heart as it results in higher blood pressure and harmful blood fats which are the risk factors for heart attack. Heavy drinking is also responsible for social problems such as traffic accidents, death, divorces, and absence from work.
“There is no minimum threshold below which alcohol can be consumed without any risk. Alcoholism can be blamed for some of the world’s most serious problems. The less you drink the better”.

Can I take Red Wine?
No. a heart patient cannot take red wine. Though all alcohol including red wine increases HDL cholesterol level in blood but they also increase triglyceride level, which are responsible for blockages. So they should be avoided including red wine.

Salt and Hypertension
Is there any restriction on Salt for heart patients?
There is no restriction on salt for heart patients. If high blood pressure is associated with heart disease then salt intake should be restricted. Apart from this patient with low pumping power should reduce or should restrict salt to below 5gm/day.