Heart Rejuvenating Exercises.

These few postural movements mentioned below are preparatory to beginning the next step i.e.Asanas.They are to be practiced before beginning the Yogic training.

They are:-
1. For the Eyes
2. For the Neck
3. For the Ears
4. For the Face
5. For the Shoulders
6. For the Chest

1. For the Eyes:-

a. Position:-   Stand at ease
1. Keeping the head fixed look up and down a few times.
2. Then look to your right and left, and further rotate your eyeballs. Try to cover the maximum range.
3. Put your palms over both eyes after warming and blink a few times.

2. For the Neck:-
a. Position: – Stand at ease.
b. Movements:
1. Rub the hands together vigorously for 10 counts. Rub the back position of the neck alternatively.
2. Repeat the same from the side five times.
3. Bends your neck backward as far as possible and then touch your chin to the chest by bending forward. Repeat this procedure five times.
4. Turn your neck thoroughly to both sides, over the shoulders and vice-versa.

5. Bend your neck alternatively to both sides, try to touch the ears to the left and right shoulders alternately.
6. Rotate the neck starting with the chin, touching the chest with the eyes closed, turn to the right with eyes open, ears touching the shoulders and further through the back looking up and left ear touching the left shoulder and back to chin with eyes closed. Do it on the other side also(2 rounds).

3. For the Ears:-

a. Position:
As above. Hold the upper portion of both ears with thumbs and index fingers.
b. Movement:-
1. Pull up both ears.
2. Pull straight out the middle portion.
3. Pull down the lower lobes.
4. Cover both the ears completely with the palms, press and relax without taking away the hands to create a vacuum in the ears.
5. Make the fist with three fingers and thumb, leaving the index free. Now with the index fingers rub the front of the ears.
6. With the same finger now rub the back side of the ears.

4. For the Face:-
a. Position: Stand at ease.
1. Rub your face gently using both the palms
2. Feel relaxed.

5. For the Shoulders:-
Position:- Stand at ease.
1. Keep your arms hanging straight down by your sides with fists closed. Raise the shoulders up, while inhaling and bring down while exhaling, without bending the elbows.
2. Rotate the shoulders from backward to forward keeping the arms relaxed and repeat it from forward to backward also(five times each).
3. Bends your arms, fingers, and thumb together touching the shoulders. Inhale and rotate the arms from forward to backward and then from backward to forward.

6. For the Chest

a. Position:
1. Bend both arms inwards, bringing the palms over the chest, facing it, with middle fingers meeting at the middle of the sternum.

b. Movement:
1. Inhale and extend the left hand, exhale and bring the hand to its former position. Repeat the exercise with the right hand(five times each) and then do it with both the arms five times.
2. Keep the hands in front on the thigh. Inhale and raise the left arm touching the ear without bending, bring the arms down and exhale. Repeat it with the right arm and then with both the arms five times.