Healthy recipes for Navratri Fasting

1) Fruit salad

Take fruits like apple, pear, pomegranate, papaya. Chop them. Cut paneer(you can grate paneer). Chop coriander leaves. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl. You can also use a pinch of Navratri salt and black pepper for seasoning.

2) Cucumber Mint Soup

Put cucumber cubes and mint leaves with little water in the blender. Blend it for a minute. Add 1 cup of curd and blend it again. Add 1 glass of chilled water and salt as per taste. People suffering from poor digestion can strain and sip it and instantly feel the cooling effect in the stomach. Alternatively, you can drink it without straining.

3) Ginger-Apple fruit punch

Grind ginger. Boil water, and when it starts bubbling add ginger to it. Add sugar, boil on high flame for 2 minutes, and switch off. Strain through a filter. Combine ginger water with apple juice, pineapple juice, mausambi juice. Refrigerate this concentrate and blend it with ice cubes. Add Navratri salt to taste.

4) Green Smoothie

Blend apple, some potato, coriander leaves, mint leaves, holy basil leaves (tulsi) to make a perfect smoothie. You can add honey to it for enhancing the flavour.

5) Bottle Gourd juice

Peel and cut bottle gourd in small cubes. Add all the other ingredients to it. Take out all the juice in a juicer. Get a clear juice from a muslin cloth.

Drink them to feel refreshed.

Happy Healthy Fasting !!!!