SPINACH is one of the world’s healthiest foods because it’s literally a storehouse of vitamins and minerals…..rich in Folic acid, Iron and hence cures and prevents anemia. Loaded with Vitamins A, K, C, Calcium, Potassium , Zinc, Riboflavin, full of antioxidants which are beneficial for Bone health Heart health, Immunity, Cancer, Diabetes, Constipation, preferably have spinach with source of Vitamin C like in Lemon, Tomatoes, to maximize its benefits. Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a nutritious leafy green vegetable. It is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. Dark, leafy greens like spinach are important for skin, hair, and bone health. They also provide protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals.
Nutrition facts

Raw spinach is 92% water, 3% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and contains negligible fat. In a 100 g serving providing only 26 calories, spinach has a high nutritional value, especially when fresh, frozen, steamed, or quickly boiled.
The nutrition facts for 100 grams of raw spinach are:
• Calories: 26
• Water: 92%
• Protein: 2.0 grams
• Carbs: 2.9 grams
• Sugar: 0.4 grams
• Fiber: 0.6 grams
• Fat: 0.7 grams

Most of the carbs in spinach consist of fiber, which is incredibly healthy. Spinach also contains small amounts of sugar, mostly in the form of glucose and fructose. Spinach is low in carbs but high in insoluble fiber. This type of fiber may benefit your digestion.

Spinach is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including:

• Vitamin A: Spinach is high in carotenoids, which your body can turn into vitamin A.
• Vitamin C: This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health and immune function.
• Vitamin K1: This vitamin is essential for blood clotting. Notably, one spinach leaf contains over half of your daily needs.
• Folic acid: Also known as folate or vitamin B9, this compound is vital for pregnant women and essential for normal cellular function and tissue growth.
• Iron: Spinach is an excellent source of this essential mineral. Iron helps create hemoglobin, which brings oxygen to your body’s tissues.
• Calcium: This mineral is essential for bone health and a crucial signaling molecule for your nervous system, heart, and muscles.
• Spinach also contains several other vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9, and E.
• Spinach boosts many plant compounds that can improve health, such as lutein, haempferol, nitrates, quercetin and zeaxanthin.


• Spinach contains an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid, which has been shown to lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and prevent oxidative, stress-induced changes in patients with diabetes.
• Spinach and other green vegetables contain chlorophyll. Several studies, including this 2013 study carried out on 12,000 animals, have shown chlorophyll to be effective at blocking the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines.
• Due to its high potassium content, spinach is recommended for people with high blood pressure.
• Spinach has large quantities of vitamin A, which moderates the production of oil in the skin pores and hair follicles to moisturize the skin and hair. It is this oil that can build up to cause acne. Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair.
• Spinach and other leafy greens high in vitamin C are crucial for the building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair. Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, which may be prevented by an adequate intake of iron-rich foods, such as spinach.

How to add Spinach in Diet?

Spinach is a versatile vegetable and can be eaten raw or cooked. It is available fresh, frozen, or canned. Here are some tips to try to incorporate more spinach into a daily routine:

• Add spinach to pastas, soups.
• Lightly sauté spinach. Season with 1 tbsp fresh low fat grated paneer with a pinch of salt and black pepper powder.
• Add spinach to a wrap, roll, sandwich, or bread.
• Make a dip with spinach.
• Add a handful of fresh spinach to an omelet or scramble, or throw a handful into a smoothie.