For Controlling blood pressure the following habits have to be changed and these are:-

For Controlling blood pressure the following habits have to be changed and these are:-

Stop smoking and Tobacco:-

Smoking cigarettes, bidi, cigars are a must if you want to control high BP. Tobacco consumption of any kind – Zarda, khaini, gudaku, kiman, gutka, naswar are some of the forms of tobacco intakes in different parts of India. These are to be avoided completely. These tobacco products are not only bad for heart disease, cancer but also lead to spasm of the arteries and increase the Blood pressure.

Caffeine and tea area so to be avoided:-

Tea and coffee are also stimulants to the brain. You must have observed that when you feel sleepy – a cup of tea or coffee can immediately wake you up by stimulating the brain. While on a long drive, when the driver feels sleepy-you stop the car in the roadside restaurant so that he can have some strong tea or coffee. These products have Caffeine and nicotine which have the capacity of exciting the brain. It is better to replace tea and coffee with herbal drink, juice, and soup. If you are very keen on drinking these stimulating drinks – look for decaffeinated drinks.

Have proper and adequate sleep:

Our body and mind cannot work day and night. It needs rest and sleep is the best kind of rest. Sleep deprivation increases blood pressure. In today’s life, people are very busy and many do not find time to sleep adequately. Any adult after the age of 18 needs about 6-8 hours of sleep. After 50 years it can be 5-7 hours. Some people have time to sleep but stress and anxiety do not allow them to sleep. They must cut down the stress by training of the mind and taming of the emotions. Yoga and meditation will also help. If there is tremendous stress – I would even recommend a sleeping pill for some time until the stress is solved.

Avoid alcohol:-

Alcohol does not go well with a relaxed mind and a healthy body. A small dosage of alcohol stimulates the brain. Both are bad. It is addictive, leads to family stress, spoils nervous system, and not at all good way to relax. Along with alcohol people usually consume high salt high-fat foods. Patients of high pressure will be better off without alcohol.

Read food labels:-
Nowadays, food labels are compulsory with every packed food. They have to write the contents on the packet. Whenever you buy a food item make sure observe for fats, salt content caloric content, cholesterol content, caffeine and nicotine content. This habit will help you buy healthy and better food for your health and high blood pressure.

Increase Physical activity in daily life:
Drops of water can make the ocean. In our daily life we should imbibe more physical activity. Not using lifet for going up till three floors or going down the stairs for any number of floors, picking up your glass of water, walking small distances which you would have gone by car, cleaning your own car, gardening ironing your own clothes, arranging your books/rooms are sme of the examples of physical activity in daily life. These add up to control your weight, making you stress free and reduce your cholesterol.