Food is one of the most important decisive factors for our state of health, the food which we eat shows quite a direct implication on our health, though the expression of consequences could not be quick always; as the defense mechanism of the body helps us to maintain optimum health, but after prolonged consumption of faulty food definitely leads to major health problems. The modern world has developed a typical terminology for these diseases; “lifestyle disease”. Few of them are:

1.) Coronary Artery Disease- Generally develops over a period of time due to the consumption of fat in the diet. This fat could be in the form of oil, ghee, butter, margarine, cheese or from invisible sources like non-vegetarian diet, egg, full cream milk, nuts, coconut milk, and fried foods. This disease could also develop due to excessive intake of food in general because whatever extra energy we put in the body, instead of going out, they quietly get stored. This stored energy is called fat which ultimately shows almost the same effects as a direct fat intake does. This extra fat accumulates in the artery making it narrow or even blocked; due to which availability of blood becomes very sparse for the heart, which leads to angina pain, myocardial infarction, and heart attack.

2.) Diabetes- Diabetes is basically the disease of obesity, which is again linked with the food mentioned above i.e. fat. Diabetes has also been found to be linked with wrong food timings and stressful lifestyle.

3.) Obesity- Nowadays everybody knows that overeating leads to obesity, which itself is the mother of all diseases. All the extra energy of the body, which could not be utilized, is simply stored in form of fat. Many times people complain that, in spite of eating very less food, their weight is increasing. This is because of the introduction of calorie-dense food in our life, they are less in fiber hence do not provide satiety, but contain a lot of calories, some examples are; burger, pizza, cold drinks, ice creams, brownies etc.

4.) High Blood Pressure- This is also generally related to obesity hence also with the food responsible for it, high blood pressure is also found to be linked with excessive salt intake, consumption of seafood and bakery products.

5.) Osteoarthritis Knee- Intake of low calcium diet over a long period of time leads to its deficiency in the body. To maintain this deficit our bones start degenerating as they are mainly calcium, this causes osteoarthritis commonly reported first in the knee, it is more common in females than males. Arthritis is also related to obesity, like a whole body weight falls on our weight-bearing joints.

6.) High Cholesterol In Blood- Consumption of non-vegetarian foods, like meat, fish, other seafood, egg, and animal food products like milk, ghee, paneer, and cheese etc, leads to formation of cholesterol in the body, which being very sticky in nature has tendency to accumulate in the arteries of the heart, leading to its narrowing and eventually, blockage. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the coronary artery disease in the whole world.

7.) High Triglyceride in blood- Fats and oils are basically triglyceride, with the little variation in the same chemical structure, making it slightly different from one another. So, whatever oil we consume it contributes to the total triglyceride of the body, which is very harmful to general health especially the heart.

8.) Constipation- Fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, whole cereals, and grains contain some part of the nutrient called fiber. Fiber adds bulk to the food and thus brings satiety and helps in stool formation, this is very important for the normal bowel movement. A diet low in fiber can lead to constipation, which itself is a root cause of many other problems. Drinking less water can also cause constipation.

9.) Cancer of Gastrointestinal Tract- A low fiber diet reduces the stool making capacity of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn increases its toxic load and makes it vulnerable for the various disease most common of them is the cancer of gastrointestinal tract.

10.) Aging- No doubt aging is a natural and normal process, but pre-mature aging is, of course, something which is worth noticing. Low intake of fresh fruits and vegetables reduces the natural fighting ability of the body against wear and tear which obviously brings down the vitality and youth from the skin and body. This makes a person look much older than he is.

11.) Lack of Vitality- Unbalanced food which lacks one or the other nutrient leads to lack of vitality. The more variety you have in your diet ranging from fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses, and cereals more balance your food will be. A balanced food ensures that the person is getting all the nutrients up to the desired level, which is very important to keep the stamina and strength up to the mark.