If you ask what is the main factor which determines our body’s weight gain or loss the answer is “The calories that you consume in your food”. Lack of exercise or physical activity is also important this is a distant second amongst the factors after food. Other causes that may also determine our weight and these may be genetics, thyroid disease, and our metabolic rate.
Physical activity can contribute to loss of weight, but in today’s lifetime is a big constraint. People are so busy in their life that all they can probably afford is 30 minutes per day of walk or squash or tennis. But this is only 200 calories equivalent to two chapaties or one piece of sweet. Even a replacement of 20 grams of butter with green chutney in your sandwich can give you the same advantage of about 200 calories. Definitely, Saaol wants you to walk or practice physically active sport daily but that may not work wonders in losing weight as zero oil food will. There is a famous Indian industrialist who lost 35 kg of weight by running 100 kilometers/week. This is possible but how many people can do this?

If we do not eat at all, we may be able to lose weight. Fasting, in order to lose weight, has been tried by many to become successful. But the result holds only for a temporary period. Once they break their fast they again start eating the wrong food and they regain the lost weight. Dr. Chhajer has seen people losing 25 kilograms of weight after 30 days of fasting completely (Jain community does this quite often as a religious process). After six months when Dr. Chhajer meets them again they have gained back almost all the weight they lost. Some people of the community do alternate day fasting for years but the days they eat almost the double amount of calories, making up for the previous days’ deficit.

Food is the main contributor of calories for gaining weight or losing weight. By Saaol diet, it is easy to lose weight by cutting down oil in your food and understanding the calorie factor.
Genetics is said to be one of the determinants of your weight. This means that if your parents are overweight you will also become so. This may be partly true but this is more due to similar food habits. If the parents are eating fatty food, high-calorie food the child will also learn to eat similar food. These habits remain the same unless someone takes an effort to change them. The result is that the son or daughter also gains weight. Everyone have a relative in their family are grossly overweight. The food habits include a huge amount of fat in the whole family. Genetics can determine your height, skin color, face but not your weight. It’s more to do with your calorie intake.

About thyroid disease causing overweight, some truth is there. If the thyroid hormone is less in your body, it slows down your metabolic rate. This cut down the calorie consumption of the body. The hypothyroid patient thus can gain weight. But when they are treated with thyroid hormone the deficiency is met. Now the patient on thyroid hormones becomes Euthyroid and the metabolic rate becomes normal. But Saaol find a lot of people who still eat the wrong high-calorie food to gain weight and keep on blaming the thyroid for the same.