Eating Right, when Eating Out

We all love to eat out. Good food and good company, these are incomparable joys of life. However, what about healthy eating? Are you supposed to forget all about it, when you are dining out? Absolutely not. We tell you how you can eat healthy when eating out. Use these tips to make smart choices, and you can enjoy the occasional splurge, without worrying about the calories.

• Do not go out on an empty stomach

Have a light, but filling snack before you head out for dinner. An empty stomach may lead to over-eating or bad choices. Have a fruit, maybe an apple, or low-calorie yoghurt, to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

• Be Informed

Check the menu of the restaurant beforehand. You will be able to make healthier choices and have a better idea of what you wish to eat.
Once there, do not hesitate to ask the server or the chef, about the nutritional information of the dish you want to order. Ask them about the method of cooking if you are unsure. In addition, many restaurants these days can customize dishes according to the customer’s preference. For example, if your dish comes with a side of chips or fries, get it replaced with veggies. You can tell them not to use oil in your dish. Choose salad and soups also to feel full.

• Drink lots of water

Drink water with your meal. It will keep you full and is a much better alternative to sugar-filled cold drinks. In addition, water helps break down the food, so that your body can absorb the nutrients. But occasionally, we don’t say no to a glass of wine, along with your meal.

• Dessert

There is good news for all those who have a sweet tooth. You can eat the dessert! All you need to know is how to go about it. Dessert does have many calories, but you can skip the main course and just opt for the dessert instead. That way, you will just be consuming the calories from the sweet treat, instead of the main course.