Eat Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper

Eat Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper

People in a rush often skip breakfast and then later realize that it’s okay. A healthy breakfast refuels your body and jump starts your day. So don’t overlook this important meal. Select healthy options that fit your taste and lifestyle, and put breakfast back into your morning. Breakfast eaters lose more weight in comparison to breakfast skippers. Your metabolism slows while you sleep, and it doesn’t rev backup until you eat again, so if you bypass breakfast, your body won’t burn as many calories until lunchtime as it could.
In a normal day activity, a sedentary lifestyle person requires about 1600 calories. So if the total intake is 1600 calories then,

30% of total calories = 480 calories
35% of total calories = 560 calories
10% of total calories = 160 calories
25% of total calories = 400 calories

The Benefits of Breakfast

“Breakfast not only starts your day off right but also lays the foundation for lifelong health benefits.” People who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to:

1.) Consume more vitamins and minerals.
2.) Have more strength and endurance.
3.) Have better concentration and productivity throughout the morning.
4.) Control their weight.
5.) They have lower cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease.