1.) Start all your major meals with a plateful of salads. Once you finish the salads then only go for the actual lunch or dinner. They fill up your stomach with low calories, roughage, vitamins and antioxidants. This helps you to lose weight fast.

2.) Add soups before the meals. Soups are also very low calorie food and satisfy your appetite partly. Thus you do not eat lot of cereals.

3.) Cook all your vegetables without any oil. This is very much possible if you know the Saaol way of seasoning or frying the spices without oil. You can take help from the books on zero oil cooking of Dr. Bimal Chhajer. The vegetables and pulses cooked in Saaol way are equally tasty.

4.) Consume at least one plate of fruits in the breakfast. You can go for melons, papayas, apples, oranges. But avoid four high calorie fruits which are bananas, mangoes, cheekus and grapes. If you are very fond of these fruits add only a small piece to satisfy yourself.

5.) Take only one chapatti or roti during lunch or dinner. If you are very hungry go for the second but that is the limit. Take a second helping of salad or fruits if you are still hungry.

6.) Take a glass of water ten to fifteen minutes before food. This also fills up the stomach.

7.) In the dinner you can take a full plate of boiled vegetables and soup. This may include cauliflower, beans, carrots, radish or any other whole grain. To make it tasty add some chutney or sauce.

8.) In dinner also you are allowed to eat chapattis or rice according to your choice. But the amount is to be reduced. Eat till your stomach is 60% filled up, drink some water. Some space may be left empty after this. If you are hungry after this in the night you can take a second helping of salads/boiled vegetable after this.

9.) Many a time when you are hungry – in between the meals or after breakfast – keep an apple or some fruit with you. Take it. There are no restrictions.

10.) When you take salads, make sure they are decorated properly and cut differently. Use a wide variety of salads to prepare the whole plate. This improves the palatability.

11.) Cut fruits can be taken during evening snacks. You can take some popcorn or puffed rice with onions, cucumber, potato and spices.

12.) After lunch or dinner if you have to take a sweet dish prefer cut fruits and zero oil sweets like petha, jaggery. Our zero oil sweets book has about 150 sweets that can be taken. But limit your intake to a single serving only.

13.) Cereals are high calorie foods and should be minimized. To minimize them you should always mix them with vegetables and leafy vegetables. For example, when you take chapatti stuff it with grated cabbage, cauliflower, radish or carrot. Leafy vegetables can also be added in the chapatti. In rice boiled vegetables and peas can be added to increase the volume.

14.) Pulses are to be always cooked with vegetables. It brings down the calorie value of the pulses per volume.

15.) Whenever you are hungry take fresh juices. Mausambi, pomegranate, watermelon, orange juices have very low calories and can be taken freely.

16.) When husk or choker can be added separately in the wheat for your chapatti. The proportion should be 75:25 of wheat and wheat husk.

17.) In the biscuits you are allowed only marie biscuits which has almost the lowest amount of calories. But restrict to one or two only.

18.) Remember sugar is a very rich source of calories. We should try to replace it with artificial sweeteners like Sweetex, Equal or Sugarfree. One teaspoonful of sugar gives you about 20 calories extra.

19.) Replace normal milk or cow’s milk with skimmed milk or fat-free milk. This also cuts down the calories. All the milk products are to be made with skimmed milk, which is now widely available.

20.) Have raita made of skimmed milk curd with meals. You can add salt up to your taste. They have very low calories.

21.) Have sprouts daily. Add all other salads cut into smaller pieces in this sprouts. Add some masalas, lemon juice to make it tasty.

22.) When visiting a party, concentrate on fruits and vegetables and soups first. When you reach the meal course look for some plain chapatti, the vegetable with least amount of oil, some raita. Do not take sweets and ice cream.

23.) If going on a short trip carry your own vegetable (without oil), chapattis and fruits.

24.) Walking is a very good way to lose weight. Walk in a very good speed and at least for half an hour every day.

25.) If you are fond of cold drink, look for Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi as they do not contain any calories and you enjoy your drink.

26.) If you want to take panner, make it at home with skimmed milk or double tonned milk. Normal paneer has very high calories.

27.) Prepare all the South Indian foods without oil. Saaol has about 150 recipes for South Indian dishes. But restrict intake of items made from cereals as they have high calories.

28.) Have juice of bottle gourd (Lauki), one cup in the morning. To prepare this, take half a kilo of the vegetable and churn in a mixer. Strain it and drink raw. This helps you to lose weight.

29.) Fasting with lot fruits and juices are permitted. They can help you to lose weight. Once a week of such fasting can help you.

30.) Get very busy with your work. You will not think about food more often. When you sit and do nothing you feel hungrier.