1. Star all upper major meals with a plateful of salads. Once you finish the salads then only go for the actual lunch or dinner. They fill up your stomach with low calories, roughage, vitamins, and antioxidants. This helps you to lose weight fast.
2. Add soups before the meals. Soups are also very low-calories food and satisfy your appetite partly. Thus you do not eat a lot of cereals.

3. Cook all your vegetables without any oil. This is very much possible if you know the Saaol way of seasoning or frying the spices without oil. Please learn this from this book and take help of the other books on zero oil cooking (five cookbooks are published by the same publisher). The vegetables and pulses cooked in Saaol way are equally tasty.

4. Take a glass of water ten to fifteen minutes before food. This also fills up the stomach.

5. In the dinner, you can take a full plate of boiled vegetables and soup. This may include cauliflower, beans, carrots, radish or any other whole grain. To make it tasty add some chutney or sauce.

6. Many a time when you are hungry – in between the meals or after breakfast – keep an apple or some fruit with you. Take it There are no restrictions.

7. When you take salads, make sure they are decorated properly and cut differently. Use a wide variety of salads to prepare the whole plate. This improves the palatability.

8. Cut fruits can be taken during evening snacks. You can take some popcorn or puffed rice with onions, cucumber, potato, and spices.

9. Pulses are to be always cooked with vegetables. It brings down the calorie value of the pulses per volume.

10. Whenever you are hungry take fresh juices. Mousambi, pomegranate. watermelon, orange juices have very low calories and can be taken freely.


1. Do not use oils to cook any food. Saaol has developed about one thousand dishes for your use and they are very tasty. Choose dishes according to your choice.

2. Never apply oil and ghee to the chapaties that you eat. Each spoon of oil or ghee applied gives about 50 calories and will not allow you to lose weight.

3. Do not use oily paratha and puris in any meal. They are full of oil or fat and have the number of calories.

4. Never eat more than two chapattis in any meal. Chapattis have about a hundred calories per dry chapatti.

5. Do not eat paste or grain as they very high calories.
Avoid eating products made of refined flour. Try to add a lot of salads or vegetable in such foods and try to consume less of such items.

6. Do not take butter in any form in any food. They are very high in a=calories. Ten grams of butter will give you about 90 calories.

7. Do not add any sugar in any juices or liquid drinks. They increase the calorie intake.

8. Do not dress the salads in fatty mayonnaise or cream.

9. Do not add cream or butter in your soup.

10. Do not add cream or butter in your soup.