1.) Do not use oils to cook any food. Saaol has developed about thousand dishes for your use and they are very tasty. Choose dishes according to your choices.
2.) Never apply oil and ghee on the chapattis you eat. Each spoon of oil or ghee applied gives about 50 calories and will not allow you to lose weight.
3.) Do not use oily parantha and puris in any meal. They are full of oil or fat and have huge amount of calories.
4.) Never eat more than two chapattis in any meal. Chapattis have about hundred calories per dry chapatti.
5.) Do not eat pasta or gratin as they have very high calories.
6.) Avoid eating products made of refined flour. Try to add lot of salads or vegetable in such foods and try to consume less of such items.
7.) Do not prefer the consumption of breads, toasts or sandwich if you have a choice. If you are tempted to have one, take only one. Do not apply any butter or cheese on it. Apply green chutneys.
8.) Do not take butter in any form in any food. They are very high in calories. Ten grams of butter will give you about 90 calories.
9.) Do not add sugar in any juices or liquid drinks. They increase the calorie intake.
10.) Do not dress the salads with fatty mayonnaise or cream.
11.) Do not add cream or butter in your soup.
12.) You should not eat fried samosas, kachories or bhujias. They are very high calorie foods. Prefer fruits and juice instead of them. In samosa you can remove the fried and use the stuffing.
13.) Pizzas are also having very high calories. So do not take them. Even if you want to have, have a small piece but avoid cheese.
14.) Do not take cold drinks as they have very high calories. So do not take them. Even if you want to have, have a small piece but avoid cheese.
15.) Never use condensed milk.
16.) Avoid dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts. Most of these dry fruits have high fat contents and can increase your weight. Items made of these are also banned.
17.) Avoid taking all coconut products in your food.
18.) Do not consume oily sweets like Gulab Jamun, Halwa with ghee, Jalebi, Peda, Laddus with fried bundi and other similar oily sweets.
19.) Cakes and pastries are not to be taken any time. Use Saaol’s zero oil sweets if you are fond of sweets.
20.) Do not consume ice cream. If you are very fond of ice cream use only one spoon from other;s cup. Do not ever eat more than one spoon.
21.) Avoid using any sweet with concentrated milk, khoa. They have high calories and they also do not fill up your stomach.
22.) Chocolates amd mil chocolates are very bad for those who want o lose weight. Avoid them completely.
23.) Do not compromise with your relatives or friends who insist you to eat high calorie or oily food. Refuse them gently and get some face-serving way (like have some soup or salads; or eat very little to satisfy him).
24.) Do not take oily snacks when you are served tea or coffee – when you visit a friend or relative.
25.) Do not overeat during any meal. Keep some space empty all the time. This must be done when eating in a restaurant or in the parties.
26.) Do not starve yourself. This will ultimately lead to more food when you start eating. This is not a good way to lose weight.
27.) Do not develop the habit of eating more than four timesin a day.
28.) Do not do something drastic to lose weight like going to the gym and working out for hours. This does not sustain for long and may cause more strain.
29.) Do not try to lose more than four kilos in a month. This may lead to weakness. Two to three kilograms per month is good enough.
30.) Do not use lifts to go up less than three floors.