Excess body weight especially central obesity is a well known cause of high BP. The Trial of hypertension prevention (TOHP), The Trial of Non pharmacological interventions in the Elderly (TONE) and other studies have shown that 4-5 kilos weight reduction leads to reduction of 3-4 mm Hg of blood pressure. Weight reduction also increases the effects of BP lowering medicines. One should try to reach the ideal weight if he or she wants to control high BP with least or no medications. The body weight is now-a-days expressed in terms of Body Mass Index(BMI) and ideal BMI for high BP patients is 24. One should make a target and try to reduce 2-3 kg per month till he/she reach BMI 24.

How to reduce weight?

Our body needs calories (output or expenditure of calories) and we eat food which gives calories(input of calories) that run the body. Body weight will increase if the input is more than output. On the other hand, the body weight will reduce if the output is more than input. So the aim of the diet will be to modify the diet in such a way that the input of calories is reduced below the level of output. But the food should be tasty, healthy and sustainable.