Desi Junk Foods

Eating habits of people develop over the years depending on the community they stay, area they stay or the culture they are exposed to. It is common to see our children love foods like Potato Chips, Wraps, Rolls, Hotdog, Pizza, Burgers, Icecream, Cakes and Pastries. This is because of our exposure to western culture. But in the villages and small towns people still have a liking of Jellabis, Bread Pakoras, Gunjiyas, Samosa, Kathodis, Dahivadas and South Indian Vadas.

Most of these foods have high fats, high calories, less of vitamins, low fibres, made of maida so that they are called junk foods and are bad for health. For most of the aged Indians have a habit of condemning western junk food (like pizza, burger, wraps, rolls, chips etc). But little they realize that they are also in the habit of consuming other types of junk foods or desi junk. They are equally bad for health, if not worse.

But with increasing education and health awareness, people are trying to move towards healthy food. The desi junk is being identified and are gradually being stamped as unhealthy and eaten by non-educated. In the USA also Dr Dean Ornish is working with McDonald’s to develop more fibrous less fatty Western Junk Food. In Indi also we are working to develop. To replace the desi junk we have prepared a variety of sweets and namkeens (baked kachodis, samosa, pakoda and golgappa) for heart patients.

Junk food is food that is calorie-dense and nutritionally poor. They are high in calories, fats, sugar and salt. In recent decades, junk food, fast food and convenience food consumption in India and other parts of the country have increased dramatically, with more than 50% of people now consuming predominantly junk food diets. When we think of a junk food the only thing that comes into our mind is burgers, fries, hotdog, and pizza but what about the Indian desi foods that we consume in our daily life we often forget that these too have hidden calories in them. The tikki, chaat, golgappe, samosa, kachori and sweet items are all desi junks. They also have enough calorie and fat as a piece of pizza or a burger does but we never had thought of it in that ways. The little by little bite that we take may have a greater risk on our later life and we would have not even come to know about it. It is no accident that junk food is so tempting and kicking the junk food habit is not easy. The very nature of junk food makes it difficult for the body to know when enough is enough. Apart from it craving on the other hand which is an overwhelming sensation of desire for certain foods plays a major role in accompanying these junk foods. These are a number of chemical in the brain that is associated with this. Craving occurs from a variety of reasons it evolutes from psychological factors such as stress and unhappiness. Fortunately, it is all in your head and it can be controlled. Junk food craving is like any bad habit, and a little self trickery and force of will can bring about a change.