Saaol – Science and Art of Living- combines the Art of Yoga with modern medical science. Saaol accepts the faults of modern medical science in dealing with lifestyle diseases like Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity. To solve this deficiency SAAOL has added Yoga, Diet Modifications, and Stress Analysis into the modern medical science. It also strongly discards the use of invasive methods like Bypass surgery or Angioplasty as they have side effects, complications and the results are temporary. But it uses the non-invasive ways of modern medical science – like educating heart patients on diet, lifestyle change and combines Yoga into its treatment. Saaol accepts the medical investigations of modern medical science and uses allopathic medicines also to control the risk factors of heart disease until the effects of yoga and lifestyle effects sets in. It believes that our body has immense healing power and Yoga based modern science-supported lifestyle along with diet modifications can treat lifestyle diseases much more effectively. In the last two decades (Saaol was established in 1995) we have successfully treated more than 75,000 heart patients with our Yogic lifestyle intervention.

Advantages of Yoga

Yoga was introduced in the Indian subcontinent about 5000 years back and was supposed to be a prescription for a healthy and disease-free life. The modern medical science was not even born during that time. Once modern medical science was introduced – a huge amount of research work kept on changing and modifying the modern medical science decade after decade. Medicines and Surgeries were prescribed as a part of treatment. Many infections were cured; emergencies were solved by the modern allopathic medical science. But the lifestyle-based diseases – related to the wrong maintenance of the body kept on increasing as the medical science depended more of medicines for temporary relief. Today the main burden of Modern medical science is lifestyle-related diseases. They are trying to increase their efforts on more surgeries and more medicines whereas Yoga exactly now fits into their requirement. Yoga has certain advantages in solving modern-day lifestyle diseases. It is almost free of cost; it does not need any space or equipment; it does not need continuous help from the Experts; it does not have any side effects or complications. Many medicines are required to solve one disease in modern medical science but Yoga can solve many diseases. It works on the whole body and is called holistic. Most important usefulness of Yoga is in controlling stresses – which has tremendous implications on the lifestyle diseases. In India the people’s psyche fits into Yoga – so it is widely accepted. Now the medical science has documented the usefulness of this Yogic lifestyle – so that it can be now prescribed by the doctors also.

The shortcomings of yoga:

Yoga has different schools and there are variations in the content of Yoga – which create some confusion. The topic is very vast and not a lot of practitioners have time to read all and analyze them. People need a fixed or almost similar prescription from the experts. The effects are not so fast as the medical drug treatment results. It needs time on a daily basis. But if we consider the overall picture its usefulness far outweighs the shortcomings. Thus it is gradually being more and more popular.