कार्डिएक हेल्पलाइन

When someone becomes a heart patient – the whole family remains at a tense psychological state. The worry is when an emergency (called heart attack or Cardiac Arrest) would come. Those who die from the heart are mostly due to heart attack. Saaol (Science And Art Of Living) helps heart patients to remove the causes of heart disease and in this process helps prevention and reversal of heart disease. This also assures that heart attack chances are almost reduced to zero.



The whole community of Cardiologists around us, on the other hand, are inclined towards hospitalisation, Bypass surgery, Angiography and Angioplasty. Most of the heart patients report-Whenever they reach cardiologists with any problem they create a panic, get the patients admitted citing a possible emergency and ultimately push them towards operations.


But heart patients and their family need advice in any kind of health problems – which can be a high BP, high or low sugar, chest pain (Heart related or not), gastric problems and so on. These advices are required even in odd hours. Once a heart patient starts following Saaol’s  advices the cardiac emergencies are rare – but they still need advice.
This is why Saaol planned an unique service called “24 X7 Cardiac Helpline”. Any follower of Saaol can become a member of this organisation and avail round the clock teleadvice from our doctors. The means of contact with us will be telephone, email, chats, and video chats. In our experience more than 90% of these health problems can be resolved on phone/chats and emergencies can be avoided. If required, Saaol will also refer you to a nearest Saaol affiliated Cardiologist – who will take care of you on ground. 
Our patients, more than one lac in number at present date, have been requesting us to start a service for a long time. From 15th July, 2017 we finally launch this service.


All you need to do is to go to the nearest Saaol center and let the local doctor fill up your cardiac history, investigation reports, photographs, address, phone no etc. in our server.  You also need to decide what kind of member you want to become – Annual (Silver), Five yearly (Gold) and life member (Platinum) and complete the payment. You now  get a UID (Unique Identification number). Within two weeks of becoming member you should get a plastic card with your membership details by courier.



Saaol 24 X 7 Cardiac Helpline will have a 15 line telephone connection which will assure that all calls will reach us in matter of seconds. If you call from your registered phone number – your whole history sheet will be immediately assessed by us. Depending on the nature of the quarries you will be connected to the higher officer and Saaol trained doctor who will listen to you and give you advice instantly.
With our training and experience – our doctor will be able to identify any emergency condition and refer you for tests which can diagnose your problem. Smaller problems can be solved instantly.
We are now identifying cardiologists and emergency medical officers in different cities who will help you if it’s a real emergency. They will follow Saaol’s principle of avoiding an operation till it is safely possible.

Other Facilities offered to Cardiac Helpline members:

1. They will get appointment in priority to meet and consult Dr. Bimal Chhajer.
2. They will get a free medical advice and online consultation with our Saaol helpline doctors. This will assure that all their parameters remain under control and they do not develop any cardiac emergency.
3. We are now in the process of affiliating with various standard diagnostic labs who will offer a certain discount to all our registered members willing to diagnose heart disease with blood test and radiological investigations.
4. Emergency Kit.
5. Patient can also login and check their records.


Commonly occurring Heart Disease, scientifically called “Coronary Heart disease” means blockages of above 70% inside the tubes (called Coronary Arteries) supplying the heart muscles. These blocks occur gradually over time due to over consumption of fats, lack of exercise, tobacco, high BP, High Sugar or excess stress. Only when the fats block the tubes by more than 70% – symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness occur. Medical tests like CT Angiography can easily detect the blockages in advance or after the complaints of blockages happen.
Medical Emergency like Heart Attack occur when due to increasing accumulation of fats the covering membrane of the blocks rupture, leading to a clot formation within minutes. This suddenly causes a 100% block causing damage/death of the muscles completely deprived of the blood. Breathlessness, chest pain occurs at rest and a major heart attack can even lead to death.
The best solution of heart attack, by simple logic, is stopping the supply of fats and removing the causes of heart disease including rectification of wrong lifestyle. Reversal of heart disease is also possible once a patient understands and follows instructions completely.  


Saaol (Science and Art Of Living) is an unique heart care program to prevent and reverse coronary heart disease, the highest killer in the whole of the world. Founded by Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD, Ex Assistant Professor of AIIMS, New Delhi Saaol has spread its wings to all over India with 55 centers (Till 2017). It has successfully treated more than 100,000 heart patients who have been told to undergo operations like Bypass surgery and Angioplasty. Apart from conducting lifestyle modification camps Saaol also uses two non invasive treatments called Natural Bypass and Biochemical Angioplasty. Saaol has developed more than 1000 zero oil tasty recipes for the heart patients. Dr. Chhajer’s numerous books have become bestsellers and been translated into 10 languages. Saaol has also devised a wheel called Saaol Safety Wheel – which is the ultimate in simplification of heart care methods. This wheel has three circles – if one is in “Red circle” heart attack chances are very high; “Yellow circle” stands for prevention and the “Green circle” means Reversal. This reduces possibility of heart attacks to almost zero.

Membership Fees

Silver member: Rs. 3000. Membership valid for one year only
Our first 100 members of Silver will get a 10%  50 members of Gold 20% and 5 members Platinum 25% early bird discount.
For becoming a member you need to issue the cheque demand Draft or online payment in favour of  Saaol 24X7Cardiac Helpline Pvt Ltd. Only cheque,  will be accepted.
Those from outside India can also become  member, but the payment will have to be done in USD by way of Online payment.


Account: Saaol 24×7 Cardiac Helpline Pvt. Ltd.
Bank: ICICI Bank
Current A/c No: 354305000373
Branch: Chhatarpur New Delhi-74