Can I take cashew nut (Kaju)?

Can I take cashewnut (kaju)?

No, you cannot have cashwnut. It is white, sweet and kidney shaped and extremely versatile as far as its culinary uses are concerned, capable of being salted, roasted, creamed, made into liqour or used as such. Cashewnuts are good body builders and easily digested when raw and so help in cases of emaciation and in building good teeth. Boiling them in oil or salting them makes them harder to digest so they are best eaten in thier natural state. They can go best with acid fruit and non-starchy vegetables rahter than sweet fruit and heavy starch.

Like all nuts cashews contain a great deal of unsaturated fatty acid, mostly in the form of oleic acid. On consumption of 100 gms of cashew nuts, you will give 47 gm of fat. Almost 9 teaspoonfuls of oil you are going to put your body. 100 gms gives 596 calories.