In the whole of the world, there are millions of varieties of food and preparations. In every part of the country, food habits differ. Look at the number of cookbooks and add up the total number of recipes it will touch a million. But scientifically all foods, recipes contain only three elements which can provide calories. They are Carbohydrates (most of the calories come from here), Protein, and Fats (which have very high-calorie content in a small volume). The other four components of food do not give calories but give vitality to the body and these are minerals, vitamins, water, and fiber.

Since only Carbohydrates, proteins, and fat give calories they can modulate our intake of calories. So let us discuss which of these can be included in the non-calorie giving foods.
The basic job of Carbohydrates is to provide calories and they are not stored in the body. They break down to form mainly glucose molecules that are absorbed from the intestine and go to the bloodstream. Each of our cells can easily consume this glucose and produce calories so once the blood level of glucose is maintained, our body can break down this glucose at ease. One gram of glucose or carbohydrate provides about four calories. Apart from maintaining the blood glucose levels carbohydrates do not serve any major purpose except that if calories are more than adequate our body can convert this glucose to fat and store them in the fat cells.

Proteins also provide four calories per gram and they are very useful to our body. Proteins break down into amino acids, which in turn, form most of our muscles, digestive enzymes, and hormones. So proteins are very important components of our food and cannot be avoided.
The third component of the food which provides calories as Fat. They are a very rich source of calories one gram can provide us with nine calories. It is this fat that causes Heart Disease (by depositing inside the heart arteries), Obesity (getting stored inside the fats cells or adipose tissues). Fats also indirectly lead to diseases like High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and Diabetes. These four diseases are now rampant all over the world and have become the cause of the agony of mankind. Except for the formation of cell walls and some hormones for which only a tiny amount of fats are required- fats serve no major purpose in our body.

From Saaol point of view, fats are the devil, the rogue, or the bad food. We only should take the minimum and avoid killer diseases. But unfortunately, fats are being consumed in huge amounts in all countries because most methods of cooking and food preparations, so far use huge amounts of fats. Butter, cream, ghee, and oils are used indiscriminately in every food.

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