Corona Virus (Covid 19) has already spread across the globe and China has suffered badly since it was early to get the epidemic. Fortunately India has got it late and still not in a bad situation. Anyone can get infected by the virus – but the chance of death was average 2.3% in China. So, the recovery will happen in 97.3% cases. For a young adult the death rate is even lower at 0.9%.
According to the statistics from China the chances of death increases 4 times above age of 60 years; 9 times above age of 70 years and 15 times if the age is above 80 years. Two studies are already published very recently from China – one in Lancet (191 Cases from Wuhan) and in China CDC Weekly – (44672 cases across China) which has shown these real figures from China. The main reasons of more death are basically because of two points – lowered immunity and decreased speed of response of the body to tackle inflammation with increasing age.
Recent data from these two studies also point that those with existing heart disease have 11.6 times higher risk of death. Those with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure also have 6-8 times extra possibility to die if affected with Corona Virus. The reason is again lowered immunity, and to some extent Viral Myocarditis.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer – the noted Heart Care and Lifestyle Expert, and director of Saaol heart Center advised heart patients to take extra precautions to avoid exposure to Corona virus. To boost up the immunity they should take extra dose of Anti Oxidants, Vitamin C , Haldi, Amla, Tulsi, eat plenty of vegetables, salads and fruits. They should also practice Yoga asana and Meditation.
From the heart point of view they should keep the risk factors like Blood Pressure, Sugar at the best. They should avoid all kinds of non vegetarian food and cut down oil to cut down the lipids. Walking can be restricted at home and they should do Yoga for half an hour on daily basis.
So far as medicines are concerned two important advices are increase the dosage of Statins by 10mg and replace one group of medicine called ACE Inhibitors/ Angiotensin Receptor blockers (ACE-I and ARB). These two groups of medicines are shown to increase the risk of Corona Infection – it is advised to consult your physician before replacement. Those with low Ejection Fraction should also take extra precautions and avoid extra fluid intake.

Corona Virus (Covid 19) has created panic all across the world and India is no exception. The numbers of infected people has crossed 2.5 lacs and Deaths more than 11,000. Everywhere there are instructions about how to avoid getting infected – social isolation, sanitization, and hand washing, avoiding handshakes and so on. People are worried about themselves getting infected and the chances of Death.
According to Dr. Bimal Chhajer, Heart Care and Lifestyle Expert, the Chances of Death is on an average 2.3% but a healthy individual below the age of 40 years has less than 1% chance. The chances increase if the individual has Heart disease, Diabetes, High BP, Asthma, or if you are aged above 70 years. But what we can do otherwise – to save our life? It is immunity. Young healthy has strong immunity, so they are saved. But How to boost immunity?
There are the ways to increase one’s immunity so that we can save ourselves from Covid 19. Cutting down on stress and performing Yogasana and practice of Meditation also helps to increase immunity. But the most important are foods we eat.

Ten major foods to boost our immunity are as follows:

1.) Eat citrus foods like Orange, Lemon, Amla, Kiwi
Broccoli, Spinach, red Bell Pepper (Shimla Mirch), and other green leafy vegetables increase our immunity.
3.) A combination of Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Honey and Lemon is also very good way to increase immunity
4.) Probiotics like Curd or Yogurt helps to increase immunity
5.) Any fruit/ vegetables – specially red ones like Papaya, Carrot, Beet also gives Vitamin A to boost immunity
6.)Green Tea, Tulsi, Cinnamon drinks also very healthy so far as immunity is concerned.
7.) Turmeric or Haldi extract has ability to boost immunity
8.) Black Grapes has very high anti oxidants and thus good for immunity
9.) Cutting down on Meat, Alcohol, Tobacco/Smoking helps to strengthen immunity
10.) Mushrooms also have virus protection capacity.

In case one is not able to get all these foods Multi vitamins can be taken. Calcium, micro nutrients like Zinc, copper, manganese and Vitamin D3 can be taken extra for increasing one’s immunity.