Are Biscuits allowed to Heart Patients?

The two kinds of fat that we consume in our diet lead to blockage in the heart arteries these are Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
These are the two major components of our common blood test called Lipid Profile. The third component is HDL, which help to reduce cholesterol from the blocks. Our body can manufacture this good cholesterol and it can be increased by walking, consuming green vegetables and stress management.

But cholesterol and triglycerides can be also manufactured in our body especially the liver. Our common sense tells us if fats are getting deposited inside the tubes supplying blood to the vital organ like a heart – it is better to avoid them in food. This is what SAAOL recommends.

We go for zero cholesterol and zero triglyceride food. Cholesterol is only present in Animal foods – non vegetarian food and dairy. So, SAAOL wants its followers to avoid animal foods and remove all the fat from the milk. Butter, cheese, cream, ghee, paneer, icecreams are milk products which are strictly prohibited for heart patients. This is our way to cut down blood level of cholesterol.

We also have seen biscuits are now very popular foods in the general population. So, SAAOL selected about 34 kinds of popular brands of biscuits and tried to find out how much fats, calories do they have. Being vegetarian food none of them had cholesterol but the fat contents ranges from 12% to about 35%. That means 100 grams of some biscuits will give us about 35 grams of oil, while we are looking for zero oil.
SAAOL has allowed only one kind of biscuit to our followers – that is Marie Biscuits. This has the minimum amount of fats. Two pieces of this biscuit gives 0.8 gram of fat. You can also choose Rusks which have 0.5 gram fat in 1 piece. All the popular biscuits have much fat in it, Which is very harmful for heart patients. Bakery made local buiscuits are also very popular – most of them have 30-40 % fat. Cakes and pastries have also much fat, so avoid them.