Be Always Happy : Avoid Unhappiness

Happiness can be created by anyone if they know the formula. The magic formula is matching two things – one inside the brain and the other outside us. If we know how to match “What I want” and “What is happening” instant happiness will be produced. If these two are in agreement, happiness will come out, but if they are opposed to each other – stress or unhappiness will happen.

Our mind keeps on matching these two – “What I want” and “What is happening” all the time. If they match with each other – happiness results. If our “Mindset” is away from “Reality” – chances of unhappiness will increase. We do this matching every moment of our life – may be as many as one lac times in a day. Whatever we see, happening gets registered in our mind and then we match this with our mental state “What I want”. Every match or mismatch has the potential of producing stress or happiness.
Life is flowing and all of us are either enjoying it or suffering as we live. But now a day the suffering is getting more, unhappiness has become a part of our life. They are working hard but not getting happiness. But why this is happening? Is there any solution?

People are looking for happiness badly. They all want it but happiness is becoming an illusion. They visit the temples, worship. They rush to the Gurus – who give them tips, ideas. They go to the Astrologer who promises happiness. The happiness comes immediately but also disappears as reality sets in. what is the permanent solution?
Unhappiness or stress comes when you do not like or accept the people around you or the system/systems you are staying. If you do not accept or like you will complain, criticize or fight with people or the system around you. If they do not go or modify your way-stress further goes up. This may make you further unhappy.

Another source of unhappiness is our own expectations from us. We may do something today and afterwards feel that we have done wrong. If I had studied I would have come first. If I worked harder I would have succeeded. If I did not get married to this man or lady I would have been happier. If I was born in a rich family like my boss I would have been happier. But that is past. You may not be able to rectify these now and even you can rectify to some extent, it may not be the same that you wanted.
So, three things have the potential to make you unhappy the people around you, the system around you and you past. The best way to be happy is to accept all three. The more the acceptance the happier you will be, the less acceptance the more unhappy you will be. All the three can be modifiable to some extent try to do it if it is easy. If not easy to change or impossible accept it happily or adjust with it. If you can accept or adjust with them 100% – you are the happiest.