It is a very famous proverb that “one should eat to live and not live to eat”; this mantra is the key to good health. Those people, who have learned to fuel their body with the best of the food options available on the planet, restrain from the undue indulgence of food, refrain from unhealthy or inappropriate food; are actually real masters of their mind, body, and soul. In SAAOL, we teach the same trait to those who do not have it. Here, we teach people to look at their food with a health and nutrition point of view, we make them love the food which is good for them and dislike the food which has been providing harm to them and their family.

SAAOL promotes absolutely Zero oil diet, no animal food; even milk is also restricted to 200ml per day that too only skimmed milk, no dry fruit, no alcohol and no smoking, plenty of fruit and vegetables, sufficient cereal and pulses and a lot of water, for prevention in the progression of coronary heart disease and to bring a reversal in disease altogether.
For many people non-vegetarian food, fast food, alcohol, and smoking, etc., are luxuries of life, according to them those people who refrain from them are not living their life to the fullest. We think here comes the difference in vision; the people have for life, happiness, satisfaction, and their health. ‘For few, food is all they care for and for few, food is what they are careful about! ’If you feel happiness in keeping good care of your health, living a satvik life, refraining from unhealthy foods you will surely enjoy the SAAOL way of eating most. It depends on you finally, that in what things you actually find your happiness, and again the choice is made as per the degree of your awareness about yourself! We must realize that ‘real happiness is not in the food we eat, but in the health, we maintain after having it’.

Vegetarian and Zero oil food could actually out in the non-vegetarian or oily food if they are cooked with the techniques SAAOL has developed in the past 25 years. Will the taste be there, if the food is prepared without oil? The answer is yes. The taste comes from the spices (masalas). The oil itself does not add taste. It is our mindset, which says that taste comes from oil. But when we ask to remove the oil, the masalas get removed automatically. This happens because the housewife does not know how to put the spices when no oil appears in the frying pan. This prompted SAAOL to develop the concept of “Zero Oil”. By “Zero Oil” we mean cooking without using a single drop of oil. SAAOL cooks the spices and food in water and since the spices are there the color, taste and flavor remain intact. Dr. Chhajer has developed more than thousand of tasty recipes in this period of time so that everybody can enjoy the great taste of food recommended by SAAOL and can make part of their life to make it really happy by making it a disease-free zone for them and their family. You can learn how to make zero oil food from our YouTube channel.