Alternative Medicines and Therapies for Heart Ailments


Ayurveda is one of the oldest system of medicine discovered by the Indian Ancient sages. It literally means the Veda which enhances age. It includes two major parts:

1.) Medicine: various herbs and parts of plants like root, bark, leaves, and seeds etc.containing medicinal value are used as ayurvedic medicines. Some of the herbs used for treating coronary heart disease are the following:
• Bark of Arjuna Terminalis is useful as a powerful heart tonic.
• Garlic is a proven cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering herb. It also raises HDL.
• Ginger lowers cholesterol and purifies the blood.
• Onion raises HDL contains adenosine which stimulates the process of blood thinning.
• Herbs like Ginseng, Triphala, Dashmoola, Hridayarnava Rosa and Mrugishingi Bhasm also act as heart benefitting agents.

2.) Yoga: as already extensively advocated by Saaol containing Asanas (Postures), Pranayam (breathing techniques) and Meditation have a beneficial and positive effect on heart and our total well being.

Unani and Siddha

Unani system of medicine is based on the harmony between our internal system and the outer environment.
Outer elements: earth, air, water, and fire
Inner humours: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, Black bile.
The four natures: cold, hot, dry and wet.
Some of the medicines useful for heart are:
Mulethi, Behman, Shankhpushpi, Commifura Mukul.

The Siddha system also has principles similar to the Unani system but also includes the intellectual and spiritual ability of the human body. The medicines used for heart diseases are:

• Manuthampattai chooranam
• Thripalathy chooranam
• Tamarka kudmeer
• Sanga Dhiravagam
• Sirungi Parpan


Homoeopathy offers various medicines as an aid in heart disease. One of the major medicines used by the homoeopathic practitioners is Gold Drops – ESSENTIA AUREA. It is manufactured by different pharmaceuticals under different brand names. It includes drugs like Cratageus, Arnica, Cactus, Belladona, Adonis Vernalis, and Amyl Nitrosum. Other medicines used are Digitalis, Aurum Metallicum and Aconite. These drugs are used in a single dose or in combinations depending upon the symptoms of the patients.

Acupressure and Acupuncture

Acupressure is an ancient technique developed in ancient times which has the basis of nerve stimulation as the treatment for various diseases. It is believed that all body organs have their nerve endings on the body surface and their stimulation sends action potential which improve the disease condition of organs including the heart.
Acupuncture has also the principle of stimulation of nerve endings but through the use of needles. The points used to for heart are:

• Point 1 – located on upper back between shoulder blades.
• Point 2 – located on the wrist crease below the small finger.
• For decreasing heart rate -Palm side of lower forearm.
• For increasing heart rate – lower forearm near the wrist.

Antioxidant Therapy

Following vitamins act as antioxidants and help us to build our immune system and opens clogged arteries. They stop oxidation of Cholesterol. The sources are:

• Vitamin A- Green leafy vegetables, coloured fruits e.g. – Carrots, Papaya, Pomegranate (rich in betacarotene and beta flavonoids).
• Vitamin C – Lemon, Amla, Guava, Green Chilli, Orange, Pineapple.
• Vitamin E – Sprouts, Whole Cereals, Pulses etc.
• Selenium – Whole Pulses, Cereals, Fruits.


Aromatherapy advocates use of essential oils extracted from different fragrant flowers in the form of:

a) Inhalation of the oils
b) Oil for bathing
c) Massage

These methods help in opening up blocked arteries and relaxing the mind-thus acting both on physical and mental levels. Flowers used for heart patients are:

• Camphor
• Ylang Ylang
• Lavender
• Rosemary
• Mellisa
• Neroli
• Peppermint

Home Remedies

1.)Regular masalas and Vegetables in our kitchen work as wonderful home remedies for heart disease.
2.)  One or two cloves of garlic with lukewarm water in the morning are beneficial for heart patients.
3.) Consumption of dishes with bottle gourd helps patients of Heart Blockage.
4.) Bael juice is effective for heart patients.
5.) A combination of roasted and powdered asafetida, equal amount of bishops weed, black cumin seeds and a pinch of rock salt does wonders for cholesterol.
6.) Combination of 100ml fresh spinach juice + 200ml of carrot juice. Beneficial for the prevention of CHD.
7.) Consumption of Amla (Goose Berry) is beneficial for all kind of heart disease.


Rei-meaning universal, ki meaning energy. Thus Reiki is universal energy. This energy is present everywhere in the universe. The only thing is to channelize this energy and use as a healing instrument. The method needs to be learned from a Reiki Master who is spiritually very advanced. In modern times many types of reiki have been discovered. Eg. Traditional Reiki, Osho neo reiki, Karuna reiki, Omni reiki etc. The energy is channelised through the seven chakras of the body and via the hands is transferred to the receiver. It has very peaceful effects on body organs and help to bring down stress level, and increase the functioning of the heart by releasing good hormones.