Can silver paper be used for decoration?
Yes, silver paper can be used for decoration. Silver is a mineral like iron, calcium etc. which is needed by our body in very little quantity. You can make use of this mineral in your diet through decoration foils. Nowadays diabetes is known to be treated with these minerals(silver, gold etc).

Can I take the B-complex supplement? How will they be helpful?
Yes, you can take B-complex supplements. In the present world, our diet is not fully equipped with nutrients that is why we are suffering from so many diseases. One of the main reasons for such problems is the reduction in B- complex vitamins. These vitamins help in the resurrection of our intestinal microflora, which is helpful in our digestion and absorption. These vitamins also help in preventing various diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and intestinal disordered etc.

Can I take health drinks like Milo, Bournvita etc?
No, you should avoid health drinks. Health drinks are the good ready-made supplement of nutrients. But before taking health drinks you should know about its composition, especially you should know about its fat content. If that is more then you should avoid such drinks. In India, they do not write about the exact food content but most of these drinks have Milk fat/Milk solids. Apart from this diabetic heart patient should avoid these drinks because it contains simple sugar which raises the blood sugar.

Is reversal diet appropriate for heart patient needing to gain weight?
People who follow reversal diet and lifestyle recommendations lose weight if they are overweight, but their weight tends to plateau when they can get help with their underlying depression(assuming that is a factor), then they should be able to maintain or gain weight as needed. When they lose weight we can give them Zero oil high-calorie food to arrest weight loss and even can increase weight.