6. Can I take?

Why Soybean is suggested for heart patients?
Soybean -“the miracle golden bean” may be considered as the king of pulses. It is the rich source of protein. It is proven that soybean protein reduces cholesterol levels. It also has high fiber content which reduces blood sugar levels. When the cholesterol levels are low there are fewer chances of blockages and further heart disease.

hat is Tofu?
As cheese is to milk tofu is to soybean. It is also known as”Cheese of Asia”. Soft creamy colored Tofu is made by grinding cooked soya beans to produce milk that is then solidified with a mineral coagulant (calcium sulphate).
Tofu is high on protein, very low in saturated fats and cholesterol free, a 100g serving of steamed tofu contains 73 calories. Tofu is naturally bland and can, therefore, be used in both sweet and savory dishes.
Benefits of tofu are:
High in protein:
Low in saturated fats.
Good source of calcium and a useful source of vitamins E.
May help to protect against some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Can we consume the unlimited amount of Soybean?
No, one should not consume as much soybean as one wants. Because soybean is very high in protein and consumption of the high amount of protein will affect kidney functioning. It also has the high amount of fat which can lead to heart problems. It should only be used after processing (meal maker, Tofu etc).

How Sprouts are good for the heart?
Sprouts are good for the heart as it is rich in fiber and natural antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Sprouts also help in reducing weight.
How to make Sprouts?
Dip a clean piece of cloth in water, rinse out extra water. Thereafter where grain/Pulses should be put into the moistened cloth and then knotted or bound with some thread. It should be ensured that the cloth does not get dried up, so occasionally keep on moistening. After 36-48 hours the grains will sprout, being ready to eat, preferably in the morning or when required.

What is meat by Cereals and Pulses with Husk?
Cereals and pulses with husk mean cereals and pulses with covers. The fiber of the cereals and pulses is present in the covers. Having cereals and pulses with covers means an increment of fiber in the diet. It will also reduce the calories of cereals and pulses.

What is the difference between good Carbohydrate and bad Carbohydrate?
Good Carbohydrate is not processed and contains a fair amount of fiber (i.e. whole grain bread, oatmeal and whole grain cereals, legumes, veggies, fruits)etc.

Bad Carbohydrate are refined or processed(i.e. white bread, white pasta, soda, sugary foods including ice-cream). It is recommended that you select whole grain carbohydrate over sugary or processed carbohydrate, however, you can incorporate small portions of refined carbohydrate into your diet on occasion and still lose weight. The key will be the small portion.