Is Gelatin be used?
Np, Gelatin be used, as it is bone tendons and ligaments containing collagen, which by hydrolysis when treated by boiling water is transformed into the gel. Gelatin is a protein food but is used in diet chiefly for its mechanical effect. As it is from the animal source it should be avoided.

Can I eat Ice cream?
Yes, you can have ice cream but it should be homemade i.e. made up of skimmed milk by adding custard powder, corn flour, china grass, breadcrumbs as a thickening agent but while having the homemade ice cream your milk intake i.e., 200 ml has to be adjusted for the whole day.
If you want to have ice cream from the market then you can have candies i.e. ice balls.

What kind of Salad dressings can be used?
Salad dressing without oil should be used. In such dressings, vinegar is used as a base.

What to do if have constipation?
Some hame Remedies for short-term relief from constipation are
1. Take ‘Isabgol’ powder or ‘Nature Care’ (Dabur) with hot milk/hot water at night.
2. Take ‘Trifla’ or ‘Harar’ or ‘Amla’ powder with hot milk/ hot water at night.
3. Take hot water mixed with salt just after getting up in the morning and walk for few minutes before going for clearing bowels.
4. Take honey and lemon in hot water in the morning after getting up.
5. Take prunes(Moonakka) after boiling in milk.
6. Take’Gulkand’ with hot milk at night.
7. Take some Ayurvedic formulations for bowel evacuations with water at night.
8. Take castor oil at night.
9. Cut a lemon into two halves. Apply some salt and black pepper on it and directly suck its juice in the mouth, finish one full lemon.
10. Take ‘enema’ of lukewarm water in which some salt or lemon can be mixed.
11. One should drink six to eight glasses of water each day.
12. Taking a high fiber and roughage diet e.g. whole grain cereals and pulses, leafy vegetables like spinach, raw carrots, reddish, cucumber, salad, fruits like prunes, figs, papaya, oranges, watermelon, and other fresh fruits. Avoid refined and processes food and food with no fiber e.g white flour ‘Maida’, white sugar and their preparations.
13. take green Color water. This water is prepared by keeping water in a green color glass bottle in sunshine for about 8 hrs. By this color is good for removing constipation.
14. Sit in Vajrasana off and on and especially after eating food. Vajrasana increases the tone and efficiency of large intestines.
15. Consume eatables having a lot of potassium e.g. banana, potato, tomato etc.

Can heart patients take Yeast? 

Yes, Yeast is another form of the ready-made Leavening agent for processing of bread and other bakery products. An elderly person, who still uses yeast tablets for the upkeep of his health and even after being above 90 years age, is mentally and physically have, hearty and fit. Leavened food not only arouses digestive faculties but is also effective in cancer and arthritis, in toning up the nervous system. Its taste is sour and is easily digested.

How can I know how much calorie is present in my food?
it is very simple to count your calories. First and foremost you should know how much calorie does carbohydrates, fat and protein give. 1 gm of protein gives 4 calories, 1gm of fat gives 9 calories and 1 gm of protein gives 4 calories. Now you should know whether food is a carbohydrate source or fat source or protein source. After this weight, your food item and multiply by the given calorie of the source eg. Suppose you have bread slice which weighs 25gms excluding water. Now multiply 25gms with four, as it is a carbohydrate source. So you get 100 calories. Like this, you can count calories in your food.

Can silver paper be used for decoration?
Yes, silver paper can be used for decoration. Sliver is mineral like iron, calcium etc. which is needed by our body in very little quantity. You can make use of this mineral in your diet through decoration foils. Nowadays diabetes is known to be treated with these minerals(silver, gold etc).