5. Can I take?

Can I eat Cakes?
No, you cannot eat cakes. Cakes are bakery item, which is made with maida, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, and cream. These cakes are high in calories and have a lot of saturated fat. They also have high dietary cholesterol, when made with the lot of eggs, butter or cream. All these ingredients are linked with heart diseases. Some cakes claim to be healthy as they are made of fruits or carrots but they tend to have high sugar and fat content. So, to avoid further complications it is better to avoid cakes.

How the calories of Chappati can be reduced?
The calories of chapatti can be reduced in the following way- By adding green leafy vegetables. Soya flour Besan Vegetable stuffing Wheat bran Chapatti by the mixture of two or three flours i.e. missi roti.

How one can decrease the calories of the Rice?
One can decrease the calorie of the rice in the following ways-
* By removing the starch
* By adding green leafy vegetables.
*By consuming brown rice which has more fiber than white rice.

Why whole Wheat Dalia is good for the heart?
Whole wheat Dalia is goog for heart patients as it is rich in fiber. Fiber is cellulose levels. Whole wheat dalia is nothing but broken wheat which is used in the number of snacks like broken wheat porridge, vegetable dalia, Dalia-upma etc.

Can I eat podi with rice?
Yes, You can eat podi is a south Indian recipe made up of powder, salt, curry leaves are added. Then it is ground to coarse powder. If you add water to it, it becomes dal chutney.

Can I take Germinated Wheat?
Yes, you can take Germinated Wheat. Germinated; Wheat is very nutritious. It is rich in B-complex, vitamin C, and minerals.
It also helps in easy digestion of food. This Germinated Wheat is also used for making baby foods.