4. Can I take?

Can I eat Bread?
Yes, You can eat bread but before eating, you should know that there are two types of bread one is white and the other is brown bread. White bread is made up of maida and has low fibre content. Whereas brown is made up of whole wheat, its fibre content is high. Making the vegetable sandwich, vegetable like cucumber, onion, tomato, cabbage etc can be used, can increase the fibre content of white bread. Remember bread has a lot of calories so should be taken moderately by overweight.

Can I eat Macaroni?
Macaroni is an Italian dish. It can be eaten moderately by heart patients because it is made up of refined flour. It is made by forcing stiff dough through metal plated under pressure. To cook, boil macaroni then add tomato sauce, vegetable and other flavouring agents. Adding more of vegetables can increase the fibre content of macaroni.

Can I eat Noodles?

Noodles and all other pasta products can be eaten moderately by heart patients. They are all made up of maida which is refined and contains the negligible amount of fiber. One can eat macaroni and other pasta without restriction by mixing a whole lot of green vegetables like onion, carrots, capsicum, peas etc.

What is Wheat Bran(Choker)?
Wheat bran or choker is nothing but the husk of wheat. It is complete is fiber. It contains nearly all the cellulose of the entire grain. It has various beneficial effects. It is an essential requisite for removal of constipation as”laxative effects of bran are much superior to those of fruits and the green vegetable for the reason that cellulose of latter is more readily or easily broken down by bacteria while passing through the intestine.

Why Oatmeal is suggested to Heart patient?
Oat is jayee, which grows plenty in Rajasthan. Now, oat and oatmeal have become popular all over the world. Oatmeal is good for heart patients. Oat bran is a vital source of fiber, which helps to control the levels of cholesterol in the body. It contains oat germ, which is more nutritious than wheat bran. A couple of bowls of oatmeal a day can depress cholesterol 10 per cent or more depending on individual responses. Oats help to stabilize blood sugar, Oestrogenic and antioxidant activity. They also contain the psychoactive compound that may combat nicotine craving and have antidepressant powers but high doses can cause gas or abdominal bloating. These effects are negligible.

Can I take Corn/Makai?
Yes, you can take corn. Corn in India is same as maize in the west. In nutritive value whole corn slightly exceeds wheat. It is sweet, nutritious and palatable. Corn has anticancer activity. The fiber content of corn is high which helps in binding cholesterol and lowering its level in blood. Corn can be consumed as corn flakes, roti, Dalia or as the salad(after boiling).

What is khakra?
Khakra is a Gujarati dish. It is prepared by making the dough of gram flour and other spices like salt, chili,garlic-onion paste.
Roll into thin rotis. Roast them on slow flame by pressing them with the cloth. Finally, it will become in the form of papad. There are different verities of khakra-methi khakra, gram flour khakra, onion khakra, and tomato khakra.
What is Brown Bread?
Brown bread is nothing but bread, which is made of whole-wheat flour. It contains the good amount of B- complex vitamins and is rich in fibre. Fibre is a good cholesterol-lowering agent. So it can be taken freely by heart patients.