What one can order in the south Indian restaurant?
Visiting south Indian restaurant and ordering zero oil food is very easy. Idli, Upma, Poha, Tomato bhat, Even dosa, and utpam all can be easily made without the use of the single drop of oil. What it needs is a small interaction between the customer and chef of manager of the restaurant. Along with it, you can order podi (roasted dal made into powder along with different spices) roasted dal chutney instead of coconut chutney, green chutney, tomato chutney, curd, and even rasam & sambhar. Items of food which can be ordered are-
Plain Dosa, Buttermilk Dosa, Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Bread Utpama, Shahi Vegetable Uppama, Idli, Masala Idli, Stuffed Idli, Vegetable Idli, Sambhar Vada, Sagavada, Masala Vada, Bonda, Dal Pakora.

What one can order in Gujarati food?
1. Khakra(Sada).
2. Bhat dhokli.
3. Dhokla
4. Khandvi
5. Dhokla gavar
6. Crunchy potatoes
7. Aaloo poha
8. Palak Dal.
9.Dal miloni
10. Raita Dhokla
11. Raita Baigan
12. Dal Thepla
13. Methi Bajari rotali
14. Bhakri Batata.
15.Bhat borax.
16. Lapsi

What one can consume in Chinese food?
Sweet Corn Soup, Sizzling Soup, Green peas soup, Talomain Soup, Chinese Steamed Rice, Chilli Paneer, Cantonese vegetables, Chomein.

What kind of food one should eat while traveling by train?
There is a vast variety of food items to choose from when traveling. Any seasonal fruit like orange, apple, banana, guava, grapes, pears etc can be easily carried. In vegetables, salad vegetables can be taken along like carrot, radish, cucumber, boiled potatoes etc. In snacks, one can choose from sandwiches, idli, Marie biscuits or Threptine biscuits, roasted chana, murmura, popcorns. In drinks you can have lemon water, if not diabetic then frooti, diet cold drinks, tea, coffee and if going for a short like chapati or rice, dal without oil, any vegetable, green chutney, curd, any pickle made without oil. For e.g. Lemon pickle, carrot pickle etc.

What kind of food one should eat while traveling on the bus?
While traveling on a bus again one can easily carry any seasonal fruits or row vegetables. Then other things like roasted chana, murmura, popcorns, Marie biscuits are there. If required carry soups like tomato soup or other vegetable soup in a flask. take instant soup mixes with you, wherever at dhabas or restaurants you get hot water, mix the soup and your soup is ready.

How to instruct waiters?
Ask them not to use oil for food. If possible explain them the process of frying without oil. Ask for chapaties without oil, rice without oil, salads. Ask for potato or palak subji without oil. Give a good tip in advanced.

What kind of food one should eat while traveling in the plane?
You can have a variety of food in the plane. Ask for things, which you are sure doesn’t contain oil. Burger can be eaten but it should contain lot of filling (salads). Drinks like lemon juice, strawberry juice can be taken. Stuffed Rotis with chutneys and sauces can be taken. Fruits salads, vegetables salad and sprout salad can be taken.