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Dr. Bimal Chhajer, the founder of the Saaol revolution, had been thinking of ways and means of reducing the cost of the daily intake of medicines for a long time. We published many Saaol Times magazines in the past years comparing the cost of different brands of medicines and suggested to our readers/patients brands that were less costly in every group. Many of them shifted to low-cost medicines. But many of these low-cost medicines were not widely available. When Dr. Chhajer prescribed these medicines the patients had a bad time to search for them in hundreds of Chemists. 

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of SAAOL, we decided to start our Social Endeavor – Saaol Pharma with a slogan “High-Quality Medicines at a low cost”. Saaol started in September 1995 when Dr.Chhajer resigned from the famous AIIMS, New Delhi. In September 2020 Saaol will complete 25 years of service for the heart patients. And all kinds of heart-related medicines are available at our all centers.

These medicines are very high quality and we spent more than one lac rupees to obtain quality certificates for each of these medicines from the Government recommended testing laboratories. These certificates have been put on the website of Saaol Pharma and can be examined by anyone. In the future for every batch of medicines, we plan to maintain the same procedure.    

Why we could keep the cost so low?

Saaol medicines are 40%-60% lower in cost when compared with the medicines from India’s topmost Drug companies and popular brands.  The reasons behind this low cost (without compromise on the quality) are as follows:

1. We have no overheads. No marketing team, no medical representatives. No need to convince the doctors to write our medicines

2. We shall be able to sell the medicines from our own centers. No C&F (carrying and Forwarding agents), no distributors, or medical shops/retailers. The elimination of middleman reduced our cost.

3. We do not need to do any advertisements, no printing of brochures, pamphlets

4. We do not need to sponsor conferences; no gifts are needed for the prescribing doctors.

5. We have limited products – mainly heart medicines. So we do not need many staff – junior managers, senior managers and all. This also keeps the cost low. 

How to buy Saaol Medicines?

1. You can buy directly these medicines from our center by paying cash.

2. You can buy online/through the internet by scanning your prescription and sending it to Saaol Pharma. The payment can be done online.

3. You can deposit Rs. 5000 or maximum Rs.10000 to the account of Saaol Pharma by cash or cheque as advance money and the get medicines delivered at your home by courier. For any supply worth more than Rs. 3000 – there will be no courier charges.

4. If you have bought excess medicines and want to refund them it is definitely possible.  It can be done at any Saaol center. 

How to Shift to Saaol Medicines?

To a shift to Saaol medicines – all you need to do is to report to your nearest Saaol center, show your old prescription and change to Saaol medicines. Our doctors will guide you to change the brand name and make a new prescription for you. Immediately your cost of monthly medicines will start reducing. You can use our helpline no.011-42401717 or Dr. Pawan’s number 98999 70428 to get any assistance from Delhi. You can introduce your friends and family members to Saaol medicines as well.

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