What are the medical complications of bulimia?
The medical complications of bulimia are:
– Erosion of tooth enamel because of repeated exposure to acidic gastric contents.
– Dental cavities, sensitivity to hot or cold food.
– Swelling and soreness in the salivary glands (from repeated vomiting).
– Stomach ulcers
– Ruptures of the stomach and esophagus.
– Abnormal buildup of fluid in the intestines.
– Disruption in the normal bowel release function.
– Electrolyte imbalance.
– Dehydration
– Irregular heartbeat and in a severe cases heart attack.
– A greater risk for suicidal behavior.
– The decrease in libido.

What is Night Eating Syndrome (NES)?
Night Eating Syndrome is a form of compulsive eating. Suffers eat a lot at bedtime and often get up during the night to eat.

Signs and symptoms
The person has little or no appetite for breakfast. Delays first meal for several hours after waking up. He or she is not hungry or is upset about how much was eaten the night before.
– Eats more food after dinner than during that meal.
– Eats more than half of daily food intake during after dinner but before breakfast. May leave the bed to snack at night.
– This pattern has persisted for at least two months.
– The person feels tense, anxious, upset, r guilty while eating.
– NES is thought to be stress related and is often accompanied by depression. Especially at night, the person may be moody, tense, anxious, nervous, agitated, etc.
Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Wakes frequently and then often eats.
– Foods ingested are often carbohydrates: sugary and starch.
– Behaviour is not like binge eating, which is done in relatively short episodes. Night-eating syndrome involves continual eating throughout evening hours.

What is stress-induced eating?
It has been that people during periods of stress consume a lot of food, which is spicy, oily and calorie dense. This satisfies their hunger as well as emotional instability. This is known as stress-induced eating. This generally leads to obesity especially in those people who are emotionally very sensitive or high stress. It should be avoided and if required should be substituted with juices or some low-calorie snacks. Meditation also is very useful for them.

How in one session of one hour somebody can lose 1 kg?
In slimming centers, the activity is increased that leads to the utilization of more calories. During this long session of one hour, the client loses about one liter of fluid due to insensible perspiration. As a result of which the patient loses about one kg of weight.

Does smoking reduce the appetite?

Yes, smoking reduces the appetite. Many people think that when they are hungry if they will smoke, the hunger will go and food intake will be cut off but smoking is definitely not a good way of losing weight because smoking ultimately leads to heart disease, lung cancer, and bronchitis. It is always better to take some light and low-calorie snacks or juice when hungry.