Should heart patients attend marriages?
Yes, heat patients can attend marriages. Marriages are the occasions where you meet people and increase your acquaintance. Food should be secondary in such cases so, instead of thinking what to eat you should concentrate on guests and family members.

What can we consume in the marriage parties?
If one really wants to stick to the regimen of eating zero oil foods one can still have plenty of choices in marriage parties too. In marriage parties there are always 2-3 varieties of salads. Then we have romali roti, tandoori roti, and boiled rice. One can have all this with curds or green chutneys. Have soup if you are sure enough that it is prepared without oil. Have fruit chaats, fruits juices if available.

Can we eat in a restaurant?
Eating in a restaurant is not a problem. You just have to make choice accordingly. If visiting a good restaurant then you can explain to the food in charge of the kind of zero oil food you want. Explain them the procedure to make zero oil food and they will try to provide the food you want because they are very particular about their prestige & reputation.

How one can order in the north Indian restaurant?
It is not a difficult job to find and order zero oil food in a north Indian restaurant. In cereals, one can ask for tandoori chapati, romali roti, fried rice, dal without tarka, boiled potato to prepare zero oil food. It is very easy to get vegetables like aloo methi, aloo chole, gobhi masala, stuffed baked brinjal etc. One can easily get curd, dhania pudina chutney or tomato chutney. In all, one can order all these things.
Methi, Aloochole, Masala Gobhi with potatoes, Baigan Stuffed, Palak Paneer dal urad Palak, Baigan Bharta, Masala band Gobhi, Masala Rajma Chole, Sarson da sag, kadhi, Masala vadas, Pudina Raita, Black Carrot Pickle, Tomato Chutney Imli, Sprouted Moong salad.