Will thyroid problem aggravate obesity?
Yes, thyroid problem can aggravate obesity. There are two kinds of problem with thyroid. One is called hyperthyroidism where the thyroid hormones are manufactured more in quantity. another condition is called hypothyroidism where the thyroid hormones, Thyroxine or T4 and Triiodothyronine or T3, are produced less in the body. The job of thyroid hormones is to maintain the metabolic rate to normal. Those who are hyperthyroid their metabolic rate goes up, so they start losing weight and those who are hypothyroid, their metabolic rate goes down. So they put on weight. The thyroid problem is basically due to intake od less iodine in the food. Girls in the age group of 13 to 15 years also have puberty-induced hypothyroidism and they start gaining a lot of weight but that can be taken care of.

Will antithyroid drugs help in reducing weight?
For those people who are hypothyroid i.e. thyroid hormones, both T3 and T4 are produced less in quantity in the body. In such cases, antithyroid drugs are to be used. They will definitely help in reducing weight for those who are hypothyroid. Common antithyroid drugs used in India are Eltroxin or Thyronorm and this can be taken after medical practitioner prescribes it. For a common person who is generally obese and practitioner prescribes it. For a common person who is generally obese and takes antithyroid drugs, it has its own side effects and it should not be used.

Is there a drug that can increase our metabolism and lead to an increased breakdown of calories in the body?
Yes, there are some drugs that can increase our metabolism and lead to an increased breakdown of calories in the body. One of the examples is antithyroid drugs. The thyroid hormones can be given and they speed up the metabolic process and lead to weight reduction but they have their own side effects and they should not be used.

Can we take fibers as drugs and reduce weight?
Yes, taking fibers is one of the possible ways to reduce weight. Intake of lot fruits and vegetables will give us extra fiber. They are natural foods, they can be taken. Even usable husk can be taken by people with a lot of water.

Do you think Herbalife is a good treatment?
Herbalife became very popular some time back in India because of their marketing strategies but as such, it is not a bad way of losing weight provided in Herbalife they would not be using something like a cell activator which may have side effects. But if it is pure fiber then taking fibers in the form of Herbalife powder is good but it should not be taken for a very long time.

Some Ayurvedic/Homeopathic drugs are available in the market for weight loss. Would you allow them?

Most of the claims of these Ayurvedic or Homeopathic drugs available in the market for weight loss are false but suppose some of them are very effective I do not want you to use them. I would instead want you to learn the calories and do some exercises or yoga. If the calorie intake goes down the weight will obviously be reduced.

Should I take a multivitamin supplement?
Yes, you can take multivitamin supplements. It provides the necessary vitamins and minerals, which you may lose during weight loss due to the restricted diet. There is no harm in taking them.