2. Can I take?

Olive oil is said to be good for the heart. Is it true?
-> Many patients/people consume these expensive oils thinking they are good for the heart, which is not true. Olive oils are high in monounsaturated fatty acids(98.5%), which unlike saturated fats do not adversely affect blood cholesterol levels but they are rich in Triglycerides. Triglycerides are another known cause for blockage so, heart patients should avoid oil.

Can we apply oil on our body surface?
-> Yes, you can apply oil. Oil-free diet can cause dryness on your skin so to avoid this dryness oil can be applied. Applying oil on the body surface does not affect adversely i.e. it does not get absorbed in such a way that it can affect your heart.

Many companies sell oils with various labels, e.g. “Cholesterol Free”, “Heart Friendly” etc. Are they true?
-> Oil companies promote their oil by labeling various slogans like, “Heart Friendly Oil”, “Cholesterol Free”, “Helps Reduce Cholesterol level etc. All these labels are untrue. The fact is that cholesterol is present only in animal products. And since all these oils come from plant product, there is no question of cholesterol being present in them. In fact, they contain Triglycerides, which are equally harmful and forms blockages in the heart.

What is “SAAOL Oil”?
-> Water is called SAAOL oil, which is recommended by SAAOL. As we know water does not contain Triglycerides and cholesterol, so it cannot lead to blockages. It also enhances the natural flavor of masalas and one can use it to any limit. WAter as a cooking medium is safe and healthy. The masals are roasted first then purees are added and when it sticks little water is added. SAAOL has already developed more than 1000 tasty recipes using this water(SAAOL Oil).

Why do we know more about Cholesterol as a major causative agent of heart disease then Triglycerides?
-> In the present medical world, Cholesterol and Triglycerides have proved themselves to be the culprit for heart-related problems. We know more about Cholesterol as a major causative agent of heart diseases because it was discovered about more than five decades ago that Cholesterol creates blockages whereas it is recently proven that Triglycerides are also the major causative agent of blockages.

Can we take some oil in case we are looking only for prevention and do not want reversal?

-> Yes, you can take oil in case of prevention and are not looking for the reversal. For reversal, Saaol recommend 18gm of oil from invisible sources and 18gm oil from visible sources. If exceeded this recommendation you may suffer from the heart problem.

Should children go on a 10% fat diet?
-> No, children should not go on 10% fat diet till 18 years of age. It is so because it is their growth phase in which, their requirement for fat especially for Cholesterol is more as it is used in the development of the nerves system. After 18 years if they want there can follow a 10% fat diet.