If we consider the calorie values of all our foods, we must remember that fats can contribute them most easily. One gram of fat contains about 9 calories. If one chapati is 90 calories, applying oil on it(one teaspoon on both sides) will make it 180 calories. Similarly, if 100 gram of cooked vegetable is 30 calories- adding one spoon of oil will make it 75 calories.

In India still, people think that some particular types of oil are not bad and the calorie content may be low. This has happened due to continuous promotions by the oil companies- using terms which general population does not understand (terms like saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated – which actually has the minor difference between them). Different kinds of oils have been marked as healthy (like olive oil, sunflower oil)- which actually they are not. Remember all types of oils are qua; in calories and similar in damaging the heart. Adding one spoon of ghee or any oil has the same calorie (one gram is equal to nine calories).

Unfortunately, unlike many counties cooking is full of oil and ghee. This is going on for the generation- every lady is learning the same from their mothers and nobody thinks of making any vegetables without oil, sweets snacks without oil. Some people even add oil/ghee on the chapati, butter (source of ghee) on the bread and ghee on the rice or prepared food. These increase the obesity or overweight.

It is definitely true oils may benefit growing children with extra calories but it does not all help the adults, except those who are underweight. Moreover, oils being nothing but triglycerides will lead to coronary heart disease of heart attacks.

Thus, to decrease body weight the first and the foremost useful advice is to cut down the oils used in cooking drastically. The best in this theory will be zero oil cooking. We have developed about compromised. We want those who are obese not to add any oil, ghee, butter, cheese or cream in their food.

In the next chapters, we shall deal with cooing methods in details.

Zero Oil Food and Obesity.
What is obesity?

Obesity is nothing but an individual is overweight. How does it happen? Consumption of more of high-fat foods causes obesity. As we all know, anything we consume will ultimately get stored in our body as fats. Fats are energy storehouse of our body. There is always minimum requirement per individual for energy in our body. Excess fat starts getting deposited in the form of body fat, mainly in the abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms.
So, the best way to reduce weight is to zero oil food and combine it with regular exercise.