Can I use Preservatives?
Yes, you can take food containing preservatives but it should not be in excess. Preservatives are basically chemicals. Some chemicals can prove hazardous to health such chemicals should be avoided. Commonly used preservative at home level are salt, oil, sugar syrup etc. such preservatives should be avoided by heart patients.

Can I use colors in my food preparation?
Yes, you can use colors are being widely used in food preparation. So many synthetic and natural colors are being widely used in food items. Many synthetic colors are potentially carcinogenic and thus are restricted for use. But it is not possible to do away with synthetic colors completely. Though colors add nothing to the nutritive value of foods, it becomes necessary to restore the lost color, but better to use natural ones eg. Saffron, which is used for coloring has both flavoring and coloring properties.

Can I put essence in my food?
Yes, you can put essence in your food. Essence is added in the food to give flavor and aroma. But some essences are made with certain oils such essence should be avoided.

How to take Arjuna?
To prepare the decoction, one teaspoon(5gm) of this power should be boiled with one cup of water and reduced to one fourth. This should be taken to cure heart diseases. Intake of this is also useful in bleeding dysentery and bleeding piles.
2. Milk preparation of Arjuna bark is an excellent remedy for all types of heart ailments. For its preparation, one tablespoon(15gm). of coarse powder of this bark should be boiled in one cup of milk and four cups of water till one cup remains. This should be strained and given to the patient by adding sugar. It nourishes heart and heart muscles and cures different types of heart diseases. The powder of this bark and jaggery boiled in milk should be taken by a patient suffering from a slow heartbeat.

What are the benefits of eating Arjuna?
It is very useful in heart diseases and angina. It stimulates the heart. Increases blood circulation, nourishes the heart muscles, regulates the heartbeat and prevents the clothing in coronary arteries. It is also used in hemorrhages, leucorrhoea, dysentery, diarrhea, fever, adiposity, liver disorder, and sprue. It increases urine output. It is astringent and also used as a tonic and as an antidote to poison. It helps in healing the fractures of bones and ucler.